Instruction on piano, organ, or keyboard is given 5 days a week in the studio located in Central Phoenix Children must be able to count, know their ABC's, and basic colors. " I don't believe there is an "ideal" age, each child is different.  However, parents must realize that the younger the child, the less the attention span.  Patience is the key with small children.

Each adult student should commit a year to learning the piano.  There are basic skills, as well as improvisational skills that must be accomplished in the learning process.  Parents must make a decision to keep their children in piano, as long as progress is being made, regardless of the mood of the child.

Kenny interviews  parents and discuss the progress of the child on a regular basis.

Becoming a musician is fun and rewarding, but remember when you see those pianists play, what seems like effortlessly, there has been countless numbers of hours of practice.

The old adage is still  true   "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"


    The monthly tuition for instruction is $110.00. This includes four one half hour lessons. Usually, the lessons are offered weekly, however on some occasions,instruction is offered bi-monthly lesson in one hour time allocations. If a student wants to take an hour per week, the tuition is $200.00 per month. Each instruction period is a privately tutored lesson. All tuition is paid one month in advance. Cash, checks, or pay pal may be used for tuition payments. When a lesson is missed, the tuition is not reimbursed. However, arrangements will be made to "make up" any lessons at the convenience and time of both student and instructor. Four times a year, there are five weeks in a month. In each quarter, no lessons will be given or one week. It may or may not be the 5th week, but will be during the 3 month time frame. 

     Classes are conducted in the studio located in Central Phoenix. On occasion, Kenny will travel to the students' home for the lesson. Travel fees will be included in the tuition. 

    In addition to Kenny, Lonze Reynolds teaches sax, beginning guitar, and beginning piano. Anthony Keyes teaches beginner and advanced vocal lessons. The general age range of students is 4 years to ???. Currently the oldest enrolled student is 88 years young!!

    Lessons are offered on  Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am until 7:30 pm.

  Contact through the contact page for lessons scheduling.You may pay at your FIRST lesson, or to reserve your place, you may pay NOW through this website!!
Payment button is to the right  of this page. To pay a different amount, you may use the secured PAYPAL payment method. Click on PAYPAL home page, click SEND and enter  email address kenny@kennythamesproductions.com..then designate amount!

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Piano Instruction
Kenny began teaching piano at the age of 15, and has been teaching for 50 years. He has taught approximately 1,000 children and adults to express the music within on keyboard instruments. He is often surprised to discover, upon enrolling a new student, that he taught their grandparent(s) piano!! His method is traditional, however affirming and encouraging talent to be expressed. 
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Tuition is scheduled for four one half hour lessons for the tuition. Each three months, there is an extra week. On that 13th week, I do not teach.There will be no lessons the LAST week of September! Thanks!!