The Kenny Thames Combo provides
                       excellent entertainment  through out 
Arizona.  Since 1999, the smooth sounds of jazz
has enriched and entertained Arizonians.
 The basic combo consists of  
piano, drums, lead guitar, and bass guitar. 

                                                        From jazz to blues, country to rock n roll..and 
                                                         a flavor of  gospel...the Kenny Thames Combo creates the energy 
                                                        that is needed for any occasion.
                                                        The Combo has performed at many of the resorts and hotels, as 
                                                        well as, festivals throughout Arizona.

                                                        They were awarded the Echo 
Magazine's Reader's  Choice Awards in 2007 and 2008.

The combo has become a favorite for weddings because of 
their versatility. Kenny has the ability to provide the 
wedding music, then join the combo for the reception.

Fees vary, according to the size combo that is 
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