enny Thames is a modern day bard.
                                 The rich environments that he creates for you, as he     reminisces    about  his life open up windows allowing  you to experience the last century in a way that would be likened to Mark Twain spinning his humerous yarns. Kenny’s voice to the ear, is what Norman Rockwell’s brush was to canvas.
Take a walk with Kenny thru your minds eye and watch over his  shoulder as he paints a picture that will warm your heart and give  you a a rare chance to see what small town America was like as he grew up.

His audio biography is a must for anyone who wants to hear a slice of what our mid western American roots originated from.
What the Reviewers are saying:
Lona’s Son

Author Kenny Thames begins his story with an eye opener, 
and embodies it with further heart wrenching, gut catching, 
awe-inspiring stimuli. Thames (pronounced Tims) 
does not leave his audience waiting or wondering, as he does 
not waver, but tells a constant riveting story about his life. Thames 
does so with respect for his readers precious time, as he uses a ten CD 
ormat consisting of small chapters. This way Thames surmises, one might 
choose a time to listen that is conducive to the ever busy and busier schedule. 
Although, many will find this hard to accomplish as you will cheer loudly, and cry with complete abandonment.  
Such is the time spent enhaling this spellbinding book. Mrs. Lona Thames will cuddle you in her breast of love, witticism, as well as her supreme and instinctual mastery of mother-wit. Although the book is meant to be about young and older Kenneth Thames, the book exemplifies something in every one of us; the need to understand who, why, when, what and how we came to be. Share Thames’ journey. In the end, I promise you, one or more of these questions will no longer thirst.

(A Review by Sharon ‘hyku’ Austin: Author of Letters To Milan; A poetry manuscript)

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