enneth Aaron , Kenny to his friends, came into the world in Borger, Texas. His parents Aaron and Lona started him on a musical journey that began at the tender age of five. It 
was apparent from the beginning that Kenny had a natural aptitude for music. 
By age ten he was playing piano for the children's ministries at the church his father pastored. At fifteen he wrote his first cantata, with a debut of his first song” "He Died". 

As his talent gained not0riety,  he continued to direct and  arrange music, as well as provide public 
performances througout the United States. Kenny learned to play the Hammond B3 with the gospel
 techniques of Charlene Day, accompanist for Evangelist Willie Johnson. . Upon graduation from Glendale High School, he attended Glendale Community College and then Florissant College of Evangelism in Florissant, 
                                    Missouri. He continued his music studies, along with theological training. He studied
                                 classical and gospel improvisational techniques from Ms. Jan Morris, of Phoenix Arizona for five years.

                               By age sixteen, he began teaching piano and organ. Kenny has taught
                                  hundreds of people to realize their dreams of playing piano. He continues
                                 to teach and oversee the teaching staff of Kenny Thames Productions in

                        As he approached the age of twenty, he accepted the pastorate of Bethel
                                   Temple, in Borger, Texas.After five years, he felt the need to return to his
                                     musical roots, so he accepted an assistant pastorship with his father's
                                      church. This afforded him the opportunity to  record  his first album
                                        with his wife, Kay and niece, Sandi. That new environment also gave
                                  him the opportunity to introduce new music and arrangements.

Now a full time musician, Kenny has been investing  energy into his music on a full time basis . He’s
an accomplished pianist, vocalist, and arranger.  He performs in a variety of venues including intimate gatherings in country clubs, resorts, and larger audiences in churches throughout the Phoenix area.

He directs a small combo, as well as, a diverse group of instrumentalists and vocalists for performances and concerts.
In 2008, Kenny wrote and produced his first musical, "Kleo the Kat", which is in production now.
Kenny has also written a book, "Lona's Son", released Oct. 2009.

With an unique sense of humor, Kenny has been asked to perform stand up comedy on
several occasions. It was through this avenue, that he created "Myrtle Johnston",
with her naive view of  life as a  "piano player or the Missionary Baptist Church for 46 years"!

Kenny has recorded 7 albums and written and published 3 books. He was
given the ECHO  MAGAZINE Readers Choice Award for Best Performer of
the Year in 2007 and 2008

 Kenny performs concerts throughout the United States.
 He founded an inter city "gospel style" choir,“Voices of Unity “ that appears with him in performances.

Kenny has 3 children, Katrina, Kristi, and Kenny..and 9 grandchildren.

Kenny makes his home in Phoenix, with his companion, Kody. Kody, short for Kodependent, came in to his life after the death of Ms. Kitty, a yorkshire terrier. Kody is a teacup chihuahua and min pin mix..maxing out at 31/2 pounds!    

Visit the site to visualize some of Kenny's work, enroll as a student, book engagements, or purchase materials!


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