is the owner and creative power house behind 
Kenny Thames Productions. He has a  unique blend of creative forces  
that continually find  expression through music,  the written word, and 
the theater.

His musical  groups, consisting of instrumentals, vocalists, and a small combo bring  a sophisticated light  jazz  sound that is refreshing and complimentary to any venue, from intimate rooms to auditoriums.

Kenny the author , weaves you into a story not unlike the feel of Mark Twain 
reliving the south. It's as if you're standing over his shoulder looking through  your minds eye at the vivid picture he paints for you.

Kenny's talent for writing also crosses over into the theater. He's created his 
first  original play "Kleo the Kat". The charming characters that make up this ensemble will not only warm your heart but also bring a smile to your face. Kenny's first play was written and presented when he was 17 years of age. "He Died" includes three original songs. Kenny's heart wrenching musical, "When Guy Dies" was written based on an event in the lives of his Aunt Marie and Uncle Guy. In 2014, Kenny presented an original musical "Mary's Journey" that was presented at Unity Spiritual Center in Sun City, Az. 

Design & Creation by Bob Still @ Still Digital Studios

Kenny Thames Combo
      Creating the mood with "Moondance."